Laura Gets Fit

About Me

Who am I?

Thanks for visiting my blog! I decided to give myself a little space on the web to document my weight loss journey.

So, who am I? Why do I feel like I need a blog just like everyone else? What makes me so damn special?

I am a mom to an amazing little boy. He is my world. My goal is to be able to keep up with him without getting out of breath and to lead by example by showing him a healthier lifestyle. I am a licensed esthetician and own a small skin care studio downtown. I started the business when my son was 10 months old, and have been fortunate enough to still be in business eight years later! I am so grateful that my career has given me the flexibility to be the mom that I want to be and build a business that I can be proud of.

I am also a student. I am in college and earning my Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness. I am expected to graduate next year and hope to go on to earn my Masters in Public Health. I am hoping to someday help others with what I'm learning.

I started this blog to document my weight loss journey. I want to lose at least 60 pounds to get to a weight that I can be happy at. I'm still shy about sharing my specific weight, but perhaps down the road once I get closer to my goal I'll be more specific of where I began. I feel like if I give myself this outlet to share the good and the not-so-good parts of losing weight, I will stay accountable and focused on my goal.

Thanks again for reading my blog and joining me on this journey!